c a t n u r s e [update log]

this is where the updates go to hide and where i toss old layouts (usually when the layout is still live so they don't go missing.


small cat drawing

update graveyard

16 november 22 :: ok i also added a new art piece!

16 november 22 :: finally fixed the scroll bar colours (works on opera at least, i hope others too). i also added a wip gallery that i haven't put up on the site yet but i wanna add some sketch / wip art work at some point. maybe figure out a gallery system for it too. Not too sure yet. i also added lil page titles on each page so you can tell just from the tab title what page youre on. anyway. nice to see you again! I've been really busy with uni.

2 november 22 :: added some links on the reading list.

29 october 22 :: added a new link section on the catnurse page for friends, mutuals and other cool sites. i'll expand it in the future. rn im very tired from playing video games with friends. what a nice way to be tired? was also in a meeting during a radio programme i wanted to hear but that's on me for scheduling like a madman.

22 october 22 :: added the 18+ sticker on the front page and the journal link to the catnurse page. both graphics + alternatives available for you on the for you page!

21 october 22 :: new piece in the gallery!

20 october 22 :: new sticker on the for you page!

19 october 22 :: i had to battle with that box for SO LONG but i got the last fm thingy to work. it doesn't always have the best info because i often scrobble retroactively from the app but anyway.

19 october 22 :: scratch that! i put graphics (also stickerable) on the for you page! i also added a buck-tick page (you can find it thru the catnurse page) today.

it's been in the works since i started making this website but i'm self conscious about stuff i'm passionate about so i wanted to write it at least half-decently before putting it up.

also updated the description on this landing page.

19 october 22 :: decided to start collecting stickers on the catnurse page. if i end up making my own i will put them somewhere too.

15 october 22 :: added a link on the resources page and a link to daisy in dreamland on the reading list!

14 october 22 :: i saw my application got through and this got added on artists of neocities so i popped a button on the page! go check out the rest of the members!

10 october 22 :: added a RESOURCES page (located inside the for you page). it's different to the link banner page because i'm actually moving old resources from discord and other bookmarks on the lil sub page.

08 october 22 :: added a READING LIST on the about me page. it's gonna house websites i wanna go look at in more detail when i have a hot second which i obviously do not right now i guess. also added a GUEST BOOK in the menu and a RESOURCES link on the for you page.

07 october 22 :: help cancelled i got it to work. added a fanlist thing?? it's in the about me section. there's also a link button on the for you page! and a brand new ART page!

07 october 22 :: changed the css so i can mess with it later... trying to fix whatever this broken update box is doing. send help.

14 september 22 :: xo website created yeehaw

layout collection

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