c a t n u r s e

welcome. i used to have a personal site way over 10 years ago and it was a fun hobby. so i picked it up again i guess? よろしく。

small cat drawing

e d i t s

23 november 22 :: added the sketchbook in the navigation on some of the pages (not all yet) because 1. there's now a sketch there and 2. i opened emergency commissions for cat vet bills so maybe check them out!

19 november 22 :: the gallery now has a css-coded thing on it instead of just redirecting to image files. yay?

16 november 22 :: ok i also added a new art piece!

16 november 22 :: finally fixed the scroll bar colours (works on opera at least, i hope others too). i also added a wip gallery that i haven't put up on the site yet but i wanna add some sketch / wip art work at some point. maybe figure out a gallery system for it too. Not too sure yet. i also added lil page titles on each page so you can tell just from the tab title what page youre on. anyway. nice to see you again! I've been really busy with uni. >>

Welcome, patient .

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