c a t n u r s e

welcome. i used to have a personal site way over 10 years ago and it was a fun hobby. so i picked it up again i guess? よろしく。

small cat drawing

e d i t s

20 december 22 :: added an art piece! this should've gone in the sketchbook tbqh but i forgot i added it a month ago. speaking of, haven't updated in a while because first i was ill, then i had training and now i've been trying to chill before i have a bunch of work over xmas. how are you?

23 november 22 :: added the sketchbook in the navigation on some of the pages (not all yet) because 1. there's now a sketch there and 2. i opened emergency commissions for cat vet bills so maybe check them out!

19 november 22 :: the gallery now has a css-coded thing on it instead of just redirecting to image files. yay? >>

Welcome, patient .

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